Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ode To Mint.

Ah, Summer. Though it’s not officially here yet, my little northern bones are starting to feel it. Especially down here in Kentucky.

Temperatures are already slinking into the 90s, ghastly white legs are shyly making a come back in shorts, even all my car windows down at 60mph isn’t enough to stop the beagle beside me from panting and salivating all over the seat.
Yes, Summer is here and it’s going to be a long one.

Fortunately, we have air conditioning and I can retreat into the coolness of my hermitage to fondle beads and plan out new designs. One particular color that has caught my fancy is Mint. It started with a mild “Oh, well that’s pretty.” during my hourly Etsy rummages and has quickly escalated. It’s everywhere! Mint Juleps at the Kentucky Derby, mint polishes on overly groomed toes, mint shorts paired with coral tops in an all too cool play on the popular color-blocking craze.
And alas, even The North Way Studio has contracted it. 

Proof of the disease: Green Amethyst Earrings at The North Way Studio.

But it’s so pretty! Fresh! Clean! Perfect for those hot summer days!
Yes, I know and I have gone willingly. So in sweet lament of my will power, here’s an ode to Mint in all it’s shabby chic glory. 

Well, these just look delicious. 

Adorable and Minty.

Super cute in mint.

And finally, an amazing print found on Etsy. Now even your walls can rejoice in the beauty of Mint! 


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  1. What a lovely collection! Thank you so much for featuring my little birdie, Maria. :)

    Best to you!

    -Amanda, Sweet Reverie