Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Model + Product Photography Tutorial.

Model Photography: A Mini Tutorial
A quick and incredibly basic guide to snapping a few good product photographs using stunning and lovely models!

Step No. 1- Find A Pretty Face, Or Wrist, Or Foot.

No, they don't have to be supermodels--in fact, Etsy seems to really adore the natural beauty that everyone has. Ask around in your circle of friends and family members, perhaps bribing them with pretty handmade goodies.

Step No. 2- The Lighting.

There may not be a lot of sunlight in Michigan during the winter, but the ten feet piles of snow and overcast days really make for stunning lighting and reflections. A large window with a neutral wall near it can be all the backdrop you need. Aim for the late afternoon on a cloudy day.

Step No. 3- Staging.

Create an atmosphere with just small touches that won't take away from your gorgeous products. Everything from the model's make-up to how the hair drapes can make all the difference in branding and product recognition. So, play around with different feelings in photographs.
Here, we went for a very natural and ethereal mood, that's maybe just a smidgen whimsical. Stray hairs? Perfect!

Step No. 4- The Photos.

Finally with everything set up and ready, take a couple steps back, adjust your camera settings--I used aperture priority at F 7, about four or five feet away from my model. Steady your hand or use a tripod to make sure nothing gets blurred and then snap away!
Remember to do a few different angles to see what works best with the lighting, product and model.

Step No. 5- Have Some Fun!

Don't take it too serious--and don't forget to treat yourself (and the model) after!

Step No. 6- Editing.
This is where all the magic happens. Find a good editing program that's free, and play around with all the settings it has to offer. I personally like to mess with the exposure and saturation until I get the product looking exactly like how it does in real life. But also keep in mind how the model appears--you don't want a rogue pimple distracting from anything. Just retouch all those little imperfections away.


And voila! You have brand new and stunning images to use in your shop--now just sit back and wait for the sales to come in, you photography maverick you.

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  1. lovely tutorial :) thank you

  2. Excellent tutorial and truly lovely photos!

  3. Oh my god, your sister has such a beautiful, contagious smile!

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